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Budrick, Callie. "Magazine Cover Design in the Age of Trump," Print, August 25, 2017. September 27. 2017.

I think this is a very powerful and successful image. The designer effectively uses very simple imagery to convey a prevailing feeling and impression of the current U.S. President. I believe we can easily see the designer using humor, appropriation, visual metaphor and symbolic cultural meaning to communicate a very strong message without any type. Literally this image is worth a thousand words.
, Eric."Daily Deals," Friends of Type Contributors, April 28, 2017, September 19, 2017.

I chose this typeface for it's use of energy and color.
Selected by Print Staff, “15 Award-Winning Book Covers.” Print, 23 March 2017. 13 September 2017.

I chose this piece because I thought it cleverly uses type in the title to imply the passage of time. For example, the designer chose to use a traditional font for "old" New York and then juxtaposed it with a sans-serif style font for present day New York. The designer also uses horizontal and vertical lines to imply a grid, also mentioned in the title. The street image does not over power the piece and sits well at the bottom giving the title it's prominence as it should.
Stone, Terri. “How-To: Lettering Love.” Adobe Create Magazine. Adobe, 2 February 2017. 9 September 2017.

I really like how the lines appear to cross over over each other and not intersecting. Strokes of the letters seem to just hover over one another and just enough to give the illusion they will bond or blow away. 

This is fun.