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Budrick, Callie. "Magazine Cover Design in the Age of Trump," Print, August 25, 2017. September 27. 2017.

I think this is a very powerful and successful image. The designer effectively uses very simple imagery to convey a prevailing feeling and impression of the current U.S. President. I believe we can easily see the designer using humor, appropriation, visual metaphor and symbolic cultural meaning to communicate a very strong message without any type. Literally this image is worth a thousand words.
Dollery, Hannah. “Quartier Des Spectacles Branding by lg2 Boutique.” Website/Good Design Makes Me Happy. Website Publisher, 5 October 2017. 2017.

This was part of an ad campaign to promote Montreal's 375th anniversary. I didn't know Montreal was that old. According to the blog's article, the ad campaign's goal is to invite the public to attend a major public art event. I chose this design for its creative use of collage and bright colors.
Selected by Print Staff, “15 Award-Winning Book Covers.” Print, 23 March 2017. 13 September 2017.

I chose this piece because I thought it cleverly uses type in the title to imply the passage of time. For example, the designer chose to use a traditional font for "old" New York and then juxtaposed it with a sans-serif style font for present day New York. The designer also uses horizontal and vertical lines to imply a grid, also mentioned in the title. The street image does not over power the piece and sits well at the bottom giving the title it's prominence as it should.