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Showing posts from October, 2017
Source:  Aszman, Amanda, Designer of the Week: Jesse Johanning, PRINT, August 4, 2017, October 24, 2017. 

This poster was designed by Jesse Johanning. I was attracted to this poster for its organic shapes and grid-like typographic layout. The poster invites the viewer to navigate a surrealistic landscape out of a Dali painting.

Featured Designer Clea Forkert

Source: Forkert, Clea. Clea Forkert, Communication Arts, October 18, 2017.

For this week's post I chose to feature a Canadian designer named Clea Forkert. She graduated from Yoirk/Seridan Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has over 14 years experience. She is currently working freelance. I think she has a very distinct late modern style. She uses formal asymmetrical compositions, negative space and sometimes transforms type into imagery. In my opinion I think her work is controlled, balanced and very legible.
Heimann, Jim, Heller, Steven and Mariani, John. "Menu Design In America, Rice Bowl, c. 1936." Taschen, 2011.

Here we can see a beautiful 1936 menu from Los Angeles, California. The color is vibrant and the detailed illustration really makes this piece very eye appealing. It is an excellent example of Art Nouveau.
Dollery, Hannah. “Quartier Des Spectacles Branding by lg2 Boutique.” Website/Good Design Makes Me Happy. Website Publisher, 5 October 2017. 2017.

This was part of an ad campaign to promote Montreal's 375th anniversary. I didn't know Montreal was that old. According to the blog's article, the ad campaign's goal is to invite the public to attend a major public art event. I chose this design for its creative use of collage and bright colors.